Best firewall software of 2017

Best firewall software of 2017

You must have noticed that there is a software which safeguards the access to the computer especially the unsafe sites. If you are going to get online at your work, then be certain that you are going to find a firewall blocking access to some sites such as news sites, movies sites, torrents, etc. This needs to be done as not every employee is tech savvy and some might decide to visit sites that are not appropriate to look at while someone is at work. The most basic explanation is hidden in its name as it is the invisible wall that blocks of the unwanted traffic. A firewall is available for personal computers so it is used every day to protect you and your computer. We can regard the firewall as a virtual barrier that stops the harmful data from getting from one point to another. Let us start by explaining the firewall and its usage more toughly.

It actually filters what is allowed and what cannot get through to your computer or a network. It does not just serve as the protection from the dangers of the internet and also the dangers that another employee poses for the whole company’s network if he or she decides to visit a site which has a malware or a virus. All of the other computers will be able to access every single computer of a single network if the firewall is not in place. Sometimes an embedded firewall is not enough to stop the dangers of the internet. That is the reason because we need another firewall software and we will introduce you to the best firewall software for 2017.firewall software

Let us start the countdown with the least known antivirus but that has an interesting name of Bitfinder. Let us set the things straight and we will do that by explaining that most antivirus software has a feature of the firewall. Bitfinder is one of those as it has an antivirus, with an embedded firewall along side with the anti-malware and anti-phishing protection. There is also an anti-ransomware, and these serve to protect your computer or a smartphone from malicious files that lock the file then ask you for money to give you the password. The firewall of this software is improved so it will pinpoint safely to the exact point which is in peril from the dangerous malware. If you are not sure that the Wi-Fi is not so secure then you will be able to use Wi –Fi security checker to check that the network is perfectly safe. There is a parental lock so you will be able to monitor which sited your child visits and create the list which contains sites that are blocked for children. Bitfinder is available for multiple platforms those are Windows, Android and Mac. Its price varies from 38.99$ to 58.49$ depending on how many devices you can use it on.

We are moving on to the software which has an amazing name that promises a lot and with such branding that Total Security. You will be getting a mediocre firewall which performs well if you use it for non-commercial i.e. for personal use. One of the best features is that you will get the cloud so you will be able to protect your files in the safe cloud. As this software has a cloud based protection that means you will get your latest virus updates all the time. Your data will be safely stored in a vault so it is a bonus addition to your firewall. There are three options ranging from 39.99$ to 79.99$.

Zone Alarm Antivirus is an affordable software that does have the most affordable price but with all of those features that can be found on the more expensive software. If you are looking to get some protection and backup your files along with proper firewall then it would be great for you to check out this software. As mentioned before, there are additional features such as parental controls, your personal lockbox and the software seller guarantees that you will be completely virus free. The price for the more simple software is 39 95$ and for the Extreme version is 59 95$.

Comodo dragons are known as the most versatile reptiles and it is a perfect name for this ultra-special piece of software. Comodo Internet Security Pro 10 has an advanced firewall which it does not protect you only from the unauthorized access, but it stops the overflow attacks so even more skilled hackers are going to be stopped with this up to date firewall. It is called the memory firewall and that is not the only thing that you will be getting with this software. It can block a malware before it installs on your computer and destroy your precious files. As you might have noticed Comodo Internet Security also features an anti-malware protection. Auto Sandbox Technology is the trademarked technology, which scans the unknown file in the most secure environment so nothing can be installed that will be harmful to your device. This software is going to adapt to every user who uses the device for different  You can  buy the license for up to six years or even install a free software version.

We have saved the most renowned software for the last or if you want to refer it as the first and this is the Kaspersky Antivirus. Kaspersky Antivirus is the well-known security software all around the world, but we still believe that you need some introduction when we will be talking about the firewall. Kaspersky’s firewall will block and scan any new network that you are going to connect to. This means that your home or work computer will be monitored all the time, so you can feel safer. There are all of those scanning options and parental control, but you are getting that extra security when you are purchasing products and services online. Kaspersky offers three plans and you will be able to find them on sale for 59 99 $ so it is a great bargain.

Getting ready to surf at work or at home is not going to be as hard as that much as you will be completely safe. Your only decision is to choose one of the choices that you had offered.

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