Google Chrome extensions

A brief outline of Google Chrome extensions


If you use Google chrome often to browse the Internet but haven’t used extensions till date, you are missing out on a lot of things. From improving your productivity and blocking pesky ads to protecting your privacy while you browse the World Wide Web, these extensions can help in various ways. Wondering what extensions are? To answer, these are small software programs containing a zipped bunch of files that can boost and amend Chrome browser’s functionality. Basically, extensions are web pages that can use all APIs which are provided for the web pages by the browser, from HTML5 and JSON to XMLHttpRequest. As a user, you will need to download and install the extensions.

The files that you will find in every extension are:

  • A manifest file
  • HTML file(s) – one or more in number (unless the extension is a theme)
  • Optional: JavaScript files – one or more in number
  • Optional: Other files (say, image files) that the extension may need

When working on your extension, you have to place all these files into a solitary folder. However, while distributing the extensions, the folder’s contents are all packed into a special ZIP file with a .crx suffix. In case you use the Chrome Developer Dashboard to upload your extension, the .crx file gets created.

Types of Chrome extensions

From Developer Tools, News & Weather, Photos, Search Tools and Productivity to Shopping, Sports, Social & Communication and more, the Chrome web store has several extension categories from which you can take your pick. When you consider their features, you will find extensions that are

  • free
  • run offline
  • work with Google Drive
  • available for Android
  • by Google

Since the extensions are rated (2-stars and up, to 5 stars), you can use them as a guide to choose, in case you are in a dilemma.

From grammar-related extensions that improve your written communication everywhere, you type. To password managers that save your passwords and let you securely access your accounts from any mobile device or computer. Try to use NordVPN chrome extension that helps keeps your browsing activities secure, there are plenty of choices. Be it bookmark backups, file mergers, secure online browsing, virus scanners, malware blockers, online drawing tools, or cloud ERP suites, extensions not only make your work easier and safer but even make browsing fun and interesting.

Give your boring browser a break and start using some Google Chrome extensions today!